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Hi, I'm Danielle Kean

Job after job, I stepped into a different situation that I only wish I had the knowledge now as I did then to make myself a successful asset. I started to receive blocks of thought to change the business dynamic and quickly realized its true potential to bridge the gap between current sales and future growth so that vision and progress could be achievable. Once my mom passed away from stage IV Cancer, I realized my life would never be the same. I quickly separated business demands from my emotions and drew out fear and added focus and confidence. I thrived at the worst and most overwhelming time of my life. I saw that life could be manipulated to anyone’s liking and that it can be easy to ‘have it all’, especially the success and appreciation of a career. Now, I find passion helping businesses put vision back into their own reality. My life is dedicated to see people find their best selves in their career.

Find your best self in your career

Danielle Kean


About Me

Christmas eve of 2016 was spent in a Dallas, TX hospital. The news of my mother suddenly diagnosed with stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma (cancer) put me in a state of shock and extreme terror. As an only child, my mother and I were very close. Some may say our relationship was similar to the 90s TV show, ‘Gilmore Girls’ where we had that unbelievable relationship that most families envied. For many years, it was only my mom and myself and that was enough. The ability to constantly share, trust, and rely on one another allowed us to constantly grow as individuals and still stay close as mother and daughter.

When my mother and I were in the same hospital room hearing about her cancer, it was at that moment, I became the adult. I learned to separate my emotions from all business matters and started going through the motions of wearing multiple hats. In the next 2 months I learned to be a lawyer, a doctor, a caretaker, a researcher, a mom, a decision maker, a relator, and a death planner. While wearing these different hats and moving in multiple directions, I found little breaks where emotion would flood over me and started to realize that my mom was going to die. 81 days after diagnosis, my mom did in fact pass away.

I didn't notice then; however, as my mom passed, I too transitioned into a new sense of self. Almost as if I died and re-birthed in a new life, this was a new way of living. Did I have an out of body experience? No. Did I physically die? No. What I felt was that my mind, heart, and soul developed into the new. I became the person I look up to. During the process of realizing that this was a bad time and accepting the bad, I was able grow in ways I never knew possible. At this time of my life, I could have gone down two separate paths; to choose to be a victim of my circumstances or I could have chosen a path of resilience, strength, and appreciation for all the beautiful moments my mom had given me. I choose to be empowered by her death and to live my life in the most glorious of ways. Taking this journey of empowerment, I awoke in learning more about the law of attraction and came to resonate more with intuitive and spiritual leaders who took a different approach to life.

I came to open my mind to a world that set my soul on fire; yet, I felt safe, comfortable and at ease at the same time. I have always been a passionate and happy person; however, my mother’s death allowed me to find empowerment the more I looked within myself. Today, I take my journey side by side intuitive leaders who want to incorporate the millennial community into their teachings and find that same sense of empowerment as I once did. It is with great pleasure that i’m able to help intuitive leaders thrive by giving them the knowledge and skills to incorporate the millennial generation into their business models and feel true resonance with this new powerful generation.