Anxiety is Beautiful

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October 1, 2018
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Anxiety is Beautiful

The statement above seems like an oxymoron to a life well lived. However, being anxious is a friendly reminder that we care about our place in the world and the happiness we want for others. Anxiety is apart of life, but there are ways to control anxiety in order to keep a healthy relationship with its manys gifts.

1) Set Boundaries
The world is full of empathetic people who can easily feel the emotions of others.

Setting emotional and mental boundaries from the energy of others takes practice. An impatient driver or a rude grocery store cashier can easily leave anyone upset. Take a minute to reframe the situation. Look at the situation as if your running a science experiment, mixing chemicals together that may or may not react well to one another. If the two chemicals combust, do you take the reaction personally? Usually not. Practice taking a step back from life’s combustion when your involved with an interaction that may not please you.

2) Receive what makes you happy
It’s hard to receive in a society that teaches to give. Receiving a large gift of money or an

expensive material object may feel as if we don’t deserve to have it. We tell ourselves stories such as, “It was too easy to obtain the gift and others may not have the same connections and support we have.” Or “Receiving too much is selfish and we should only have our fair share.”

The shame and unworthiness we bring to ourselves usually has nothing to do with what is but what we perceive to be. Receiving may just be a way we can give back to another in the future.

3) You’re the Creator
Fear based social patterns have been around to keep order and disempower change.

However; in this day of age, it’s easier to tell the truth from your point of view using social media, speaking opportunities, and grassroots groups that also share in your perspective. it’s never been a better time in our society to showcase why you’re here and what you’re doing to move the needle forward in our ever evolving world. Hard times lead to great lessons and a greater appreciation of yourself for surviving the event. it’s your decision to allow your limitations to make you a victim of circumstances or create value for another going through a similar obstacle.

Obtaining a sense of self worth and taking a different perspective on a hard circumstance may just be the key to alleviating our anxiety for a beautiful and well lived life.

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